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Our Story

We set up a recording studio in a bus to create a travelling music source. Touring throughout Europe, we capture live sessions wherever you are. And as we perform at some of Europe’s biggest as well as smaller music festivals, we share it all on YouTube to introduce you to your favorite bands and incredible new talents.

Follow the Journey

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Ludcher est un de nos partenaires !
Voici le logo de notre partenaire !
Voici le logo de notre partenaire !


High quality drums, fully handmade with love in France


French brand of high quality cymbals – Handmade in Turkey

“Les Plantes du Puits des Fées”

A local and original selection of herbal teas, plant syrups, aperitif wines and digestives for your greatest gustatory pleasure.

“Le Brin de Zinc”

Independent concert hall of Chambéry existing since 16 years. Le Brin De Zinc offers various musical evenings by programming several concerts per week.

Jump on Board

We love to hear new music, make videos and meet people, so if you want to jump in our bus and record some tunes, we’d love to have you!

Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias