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About Us

A traveling music source, bringing you live music sessions from all over Europe.




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Sam is the vision of Ticket to Jam, the pillar, the initiator. As a lover of music and travels, he thought, gathered and managed with Cris the elements necessary for the realization of this crazy project. A pack leader to follow with eyes closed.



Technical Director

Cris is Ticket to Jam’s Tech-Jesus. As comfortable under the hood as he is behind the mixing table, nothing resists him. Thanks to him the bus will go to the end of the earth, and will send the best sound to your ears.



Video maker

Professional video director and passionated about images, “SpiderMax” is the eye of Ticket to Jam, its visual identity, always ready to dive into the heart of the action with his camera to capture the most beautiful moments.




Public relations officer

06 95 02 50 35

Fascinated by the world around him, Marty would like to understand every detail about it. At Ticket to Jam, he manages relations with the audience, partners and artists, and keeps a sharp eye on the editorial line.




07 83 69 55 60

Accomplished artist and workaholic as much as an eternal dreamer, “K’rlito” is in charge of Ticket to Jam’s development. “One foot in one foot out” as he likes to say, and systematically 100% invested.

So, Umm, What is Ticket to Jam?

Ticket to Jam is a movement. A nomadic music source. A moving, travelling mobile recording studio, in a bus. 

 Music is life, so we decided to build a studio and travel to all corners of Europe to record live sessions with amazing talent. We meet bands in concerts, at festivals, or even in their own backyard – recording live sessions to share with you.

We’re a distribution source, promoting artists of all kinds, helping the public to discover new and talented artists, and showcasing music of all styles through our online channels.

Equiped with professional gear, we also offers a recording service for albums, EP’s and musical models – open to both amateurs and professionals.

Ticket to Jam is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music, born of a common belief that music has the power to break down barriers and erase the distance between people.

So grab your ticket and get on board an incredible experience with no boundaries and only one common language: music!!


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Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Zikomatic
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam
Ticket To Jam - Médias
Ticket To Jam - Médias

  • Ticket to Jam sessions are filmed and recorded 100% live in the bus

  • Artists are given an hour and a half-ish to film 1-3 original songs. Sessions are filmed, recorded, edited, color-graded & mixed for release

  • Artists are required to provide their own instruments unless otherwise arranged. All audio engineering needs are provided, as well as drums, piano, bass & guitar amps and microphones

  • All instruments, all styles are permitted!

  • The music and songs can be in any languages

  • Once the session is edited, we send a first version for modifications, the second version is the final version

  • Episodes are released exclusively via our YouTube channel, website, and Social Media

  • Episodes release time is decided by Ticket to Jam

  • The files are also sent to the band, to be used at their convenience

  • Ticket to Jam owns exclusive copyrights to the episode, raw footage, and audio recordings

SESSION NOTE: Ticket to Jam owns exclusive copyrights to the final video/episode, along with all raw footage and audio/video recordings - but you're welcome to share and promote the episode in its original format on your own social media channels and website.