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Get in touch with us!

Whether you want to record a session or answers to your existential questions,
we’d love to hear from you! 

We can be found all over Europe, and spend a couple of month in the UK each summer, so chances are we’ll be near you sometime soon. If you’d like to get in touch with us, fill in the form on the right, or connect with us on one of our social media channels:

For urgent enquiries, you can also get in touch with :

Samuel DOBSON on +33 6 82 04 36 05

Charles D’ACREMONT on +33 7 83 69 55 60

Martin ROIGNOT on +33 6 95 02 50 35


  • Ticket to Jam sessions are filmed and recorded 100% live in the bus

  • Artists are given an hour and a half-ish to film 1-3 original songs. Sessions are filmed, recorded, edited, color-graded & mixed for release

  • Artists are required to provide their own instruments unless otherwise arranged. All audio engineering needs are provided, as well as drums, piano, bass & guitar amps and microphones

  • All instruments, all styles are permitted!

  • The music and songs can be in any languages

  • Once the session is edited, we send a first version for modifications, the second version is the final version

  • Episodes are released exclusively via our YouTube channel, website, and Social Media

  • Episodes release time is decided by Ticket to Jam

  • The files are also sent to the band, to be used at their convenience